Materials of DIALOGUE 2013


Morning plenary session. New linguistic projects and resources

Solovyev V.D., Polyakov V.N.

Database “Languages of the world” and its application. State of the art

Dobrovol’skij D.O.

German-Russian idioms online: on a new corpus-based dictionary

Lyashevskaya O. N.

Lexico-grammatical frequency dictionary: a preliminary design

Kyuseva M. V., Reznikova T. I., Ryzhova D. A.

A typologically oriented database of qualitative features



Morning plenary session. New linguistic projects and resources

Timoshenko S. P., Boguslavsky I. M., Dikonov V. G., Iomdin L. L.

Semantic representation for NL understanding

Kashkin E. V., Lyashevskaya O. N.

Semantic roles and construction net in russian FrameBank

Braslavski P. I. et al.

YARN begins




Afternoon plenary session. Machine Translation: present state, evaluation

15.00-16.00 / INVITED SPEAKER

Lluís Màrquez

Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation Quality

Sharoff S., Braslavski P., Beloborodov A., Khalilov M.

ROMIP MT Evaluation Track



17.00-19.00 / Section 1

Machine Translation

Zuyev K., Indenbom E., Yudina M.

Statistical machine translation with linguistic language model

Loginova-Clouet E.A., Daille B.

Multilingual compound splitting combining language dependent and independent features

Evdokimov L.V., Molchanov A.P.

Creating an automated system for translation of user-generated content

Mescheryakova E. M., Galinskaya I. E., Gusev V. Yu., Shmatova M. S.

Impact of different types of spelling mistakes on the quality of statistical MT

17.00-19.00 / Section 2

Speech analysis

Korotaev N. A.

Clause-combining with to chto in Russian spoken discourse

Savinitch L. V.

Use of contrast and emphasis for conveying implicit meanings

Litvinenko A.

Reported speech in spoken discourse: intonation as a means of integration

Nedoluzhko A., Mirovsky J., Novak M.

Prague discourse treebank and a coreferentially annotated corpus and anaphora resolution for Czech


Round table on the results of the machine translation systems’ testing

Moderated by S. Sharoff