Materials of DIALOGUE 2013

10.00-12.00 / Section 1

Morning session. Document analysis

Bolshakova E. I., Bolshakov I. A.

А computer dictionary of russian paronyms based on a formal criterion of paronymy

Skopinava A.M., Hetsevich Yu.S., Lobanov B.M.

Processing of quantitative expressions with units of measurement in scientific texts as applied to Belarusian and Russian text-to-speech synthesis

Brykina M.M., Faynveyts A.V., Toldova S.Ju.

Dictionary-based ambiguity resolution in Russian named entities recognition. A case study

Antonova A. Y., Soloviev A. N.

Conditional random field models for the processing of Russian

10.00 - 12.20 / Section 2

Morning session. Communication models

Kotov A. A.

Compensation of communication stimuli in the emotional dialogue

Borisova E. G., Pirogova Yu. K.

Modeling peculiar conditions of understanding utterances (the case of irony)

Fedorova O. V., Delikishkina E. A., Slabodkina T. A., Tsipenko A. A.

Dialogue modelling in psycholinguistics: literal and analogical perspectives

Krejdlin G. E., Pereverzeva S. I.

Human body and its parts in different languages and cultures

Shmeleva E. Ya., Shmelev A. D.

Anniversaries in Russian jokes

12.30-13.30 / INVITED SPEAKER

Gregory Grefenstette

Linguistic Analysis of Social Media



15.00-19.00 / Section 1

Afternoon session. Sentiment Analysis. ROMIP-2013 competition

Chetviorkin I.I., Loukachevitch N.V.

Sentiment analysis track at ROMIP 2012

Ulanov A.V., Sapozhnikov G.A.

Context-dependent opinion lexicon translation with the use of a parallel corpus

Mavljutov R.R., Ostapuk N.A.

Using basic syntactic relations for sentiment analysis

Frolov A.V., Polyakov P.Yu., Pleshko V.V.

Using semantic filters in application to book reviews sentiment analysis

Blinov P.D., Klekovkina M.V., Kotelnikov E.V., Pestov O.A.

Research of lexical approach and machine learning methods for sentiment analysis

Vasilyev V. G., Davydov S. Yu.

Sentiment classification by combined approach

Panicheva P.V.

ATEX: a rule-based sentiment analysis system processing texts in various topics

Kuznetsova E.S., Loukachevitch N.V., Chetviorkin I.I.

Testing rules for a sentiment analysis system

15.00-19.00 / Section 2

Afternoon session. Analysis of the processes in the modern Russian language

Yanko T.

Sentence incompleteness vs. discourse incompleteness: pitch accents and accent placement

Grishina E. A.

Gestural profiles of Russian prefixes

Mikaelian I. L., Zalizaniak Anna A.

Together or separately? On the semanatic category of twoness in Russian

Piperski A. Ch., Somin A. A.

Strikethrough on the Russian web: semantics, syntax and technical issues

Iomdin B. L. et al.

Mag vel mot: language innovations in everyday life terminology

Belikov V. et al.

Corpus as language: from scalability to register variation

Gilyarova K. A.

Paper such a paper. On A reduplication pattern in modern Russian


Round table: Linguistic Analysis of Social Media