Materials of DIALOGUE 2014

Central topics of “Dialogue 2014”

Computational models of semantics

The perception of the importance of semantic models in computational linguistics has grown over the years, and so has the number of models: in addition to traditional linguistic and formal logical methods, newer distributional, operational, and ontology-centered approaches have seen rapid advances.

Technology Day

This year we plan to introduce Technology Day, a new Dialogue event that provides interested parties with an opportunity to showcase their working Internet and social media analysis technology. We invite companies that work in this field to participate in organizing Technology Day.

Proceedings 2014

“Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies”

The Conference Proceedings contain papers from the international conference on Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies “Dialogue”, representing a large range of theoretical and applied research in the area of natural language description, language process description, creation of applied computer-linguistic technologies. 

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Dialogue Evaluation 2014

A special direction of the "Dialogue", which is called Dialogue Evaluation, involves annual comparative testing of computer analysis systems, that solve certain practical problems. Testing results are discussed at the conference.

Invited speakers

Marco Baroni

Marco Baroni


Trento University

Marjorie McShane

Marjorie McShane


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Hinrich Schütze

Hinrich Schütze


Munich University



  • Alternative and Supplementary Approaches to Computational Semantics
  • Marjorie McShane

    A Multi-Faceted Approach to Reference Resolution in English and Russian
  • Evening devoted to Ilya Segalovich