Materials of DIALOGUE 2013

10.00-14.00 / Section 1

Morning session. Applied research on Dialogue

Bocharov V.V. et al.

Crowdsourcing morphological annotation

Galitsky B., Ivovsky D., Kuznetsov S.O., Strok F.

Parse thicket representations of text paragraphs

9.30-14.00 / Section 2

Morning session. Formal models

Zimmerling A.V.

Transitive impersonals in Slavic and Germanic: zero subjects and thematic relations

Tatevosov S. G.

Grammar of the verb and dialectal variation



Morning session. Applied research on Dialogue

Protopopova E.V., Bocharov V.V.

Unsupervised learning of part-of-speech disambiguation rules

Panina M. F., Baytin A. V., Galinskaya I. E.

Context-independent autocorrection of query spelling errors

Lyudovyk T. V., Pylypenko V. V.

Bilingual speech recognition without preliminary language identification

Degteva A. V., Azarova I. V.

Expressive component structuring of THE russian thesaurus RussNet

Morning session. Formal models

Pazelskaya A. G.

Incorporation in verb forms in Russian

Bogdanov A.V., Leontyev A.P.

Description of the Russian external possessor construction in a natural language processing system

Letuchiy A. B.

Properties of zero copula in russian in comparison with properties of non-zero verbs




Computational-linguistic picnic