Materials of DIALOGUE 2011

10.00-13.30 / Section 1

Morning meeting. Document analysis, information retrieval

Chetviorkin I. I., Loukachevitch N.V.

Three-way movie review classification

Alexeev A., Loukachevitch N.V.

Automatic detection of near-synonyms in news clusters

Skatov D., Liverko S.

The Third Personal Pronoun Anaphora Resolution in Texts from Narrow Subject Domains with Grammatical Errors and mistypings

10.00-13.30 / Section 2

Morning meeting. Speech, prosodics

Lyudovyk T. V., Pylypenko V. V., Robeyko V. V.

Automatic recognition of spontaneous Ukrainian speech based on the Ukrainian broadcast speech corpus

Davydov A. G., Kiselev V. V., Kochetkov D. S

Voice emotion classification: problems and solutions

Iomdin L. L., Lobanov B., Kharkevich A. A., Hetsevich Y.

The talking ETAP. Using the ETAP parser in Russian speech synthesis


Short break

Morning meeting. Document analysis, information retrieval

Bolshakov I., Gelbukh A.

A large electronic dictionary as a polythematic guide and shaper of queries to the Web

Braslavski P., Kiselev Yu.

To find out or to buy? Product review vs. Web shop classifier

Karpenko M. P., Protasov S. V.

Some methods for language model pruning

Morning meeting. Speech, prosodics

Grishina E.

Multimodal clusters in spoken Russian

Yanko T.

Accent Placement Principles in Russian

Litvinenko A. O.

Speech reporting strategies in Russian comics-based stories


Poster session. Various areas of Dialogue Conference

Erekhinskaya T. N., Titova A. S., Okatiev V. V.

Syntax parsing for texts with misspellings in dictascope syntax

Ermakova L.

Methods of transforming letter detection

Grashchenkov P. et al.

Semi-tagged corpora method exemplified with a study of Ossetic nominalization

Seriy A. S., Sidorova E.

Object identification in problem of automatic document processing

Logacheva V. K., Klyshinsky E. S.

Non-Stochastic Learning of Cross-Language Transliteration Rules From a Small Dataset

Bocharov V. et al.

Quality assurance tools in the OpenCorpora project

Valeriy I. Novitskiy

Automatic Retrieval of Parallel Collocations

Sizov V., Podlesskaya O.

Reflecting accentuation in the Russian morphological dictionary of the multifunctional linguistic processor ETAP-3

Smirnova N. S., Chistikov P. G.

Software for automated statistical analysis of phonetic units frequency in Russian texts and its application for speech technology tasks

Frolova T., Podlesskaja O.

Tagging lexical functions in Russian texts of SynTagRus

Akhmetova M.V.

Pseudopatronymic and pseudomatronymic Russian nicknames in Internet and electronic database “INTEGRUM”

Zagorulko Yu. A. and others

Development of the Russian-English thesaurus for computational linguistics

Romanov A. S., Mescheriakov R. V.

Gender identification of the author of a short message

Gilyarova K. A.

Characteristics of student-professor e-mail communication

Piperski A.

Generic Terms in Everyday Vocabulary as a Sphere of Subtle Differences Between Serbian and Croatian

Voznesenskaya M. M.

Enantiosemy in Russian phraseology

Renkovskaya E. A.

Some peculiarities of the syntactic structure of Russian proverbs: a study of one-predicate sentences

Breydo E. et al.

Lexical Concept Distribution Reflects Clinical Practice


Round table: Methods for the testing of computer-aided text analysis systems (development of valuation principles for Dialogue Conference's message board tests)

Moderated by Anastasia Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Svetlana Toldova