Materials of DIALOGUE 2011


Morning plenary meeting. Semantics, corpus studies

Paducheva E. V.

Meanings, diatheses, and ontological categories of the Russian word vpechatlenie ‘impression’

Uryson E. V.

Concessive conjunction khotia‘though’ and “cancelled expectation”

Karpova O. S., Rakhilina E. V., Reznikova T. I., Ryzhova D. A.

Meaning of estimation in semantic shifts of rebranding type in adjectives and adverbs (on the material of the Database of semantic shifts in Russian adjectives and adverbs)


Short break

Morning plenary meeting. Semantics, corpus studies

Baranov A. N., Dobrovol'skij D. O.

Semantic relations in phraseology

Boriskina O.

A corpus-based study of noun cryptotypes in English

Kozerenko E.

Linguistic Motivation for Statistical Translation Models


Afternoon plenary meeting. Semantics, corpus estimation

15.30-16.30 / INVITED SPEAKER

Hovy Eduard

A New Semantics: Merging Propositional and Distributional Information

Iomdin B.L., Piperski A.Ch., Russo M.M., Somin A. A.

How Different Languages Categorize Everyday Items


Short break

Osmak N. A., Bogdanova N. V.

Some lexical “discoveries” on the material of Russian spontaneous speech, a corpus study

Belikov V.I.

What are sociolinguists and lexicographers lacking in a digitized world?

Goldin V. E., Kryuchkova O. Y.

A corpus of Russian dialectal speech: concept and parameters of evaluation


Round table on linguistic estimation of corpora: 'Trust but verify'

Moderated by Vladimir Selegey