Materials of DIALOGUE 2011

10.00-13.30 / Section 1

Morning meeting. Syntax of the Russian language

Kobozeva I. M.

Conditions for the use of adverb then 'to' before complement clause

Fedorova O. V., Uspenskaya A. M.

Experimental analysis of discourse: the impact of a potential referential conflict on the choice of the referring expression (on the material of Russian)

Letuchiy A. B.

Pronominalization of sentential arguments in Russian

10.00-13.30 / Section 2

Morning meeting. Communication models and semantics

Kreydlin G. E.

Nonverbal dialogue in the history of kinesics

Kozerenko A. D.

Gesture idioms and gestures: types of correspondence

Kotov A.

Types of Simulated Emotional Expressive States in the Russian Emotional Corpus


Short break

Morning meeting. Syntax of the Russian language

Testelets Y. G.

Case as a characteristic of identity under ellipsis in the Russian

Krylov S. A.

Statistical properties of syntax unit paradigms in the Russian language

Kudinov A. S., Voropaev A. A., Kalinin A. L.

A high precision method for the recognition of sentence boundaries

Morning meeting. Communication models and semantics

Ovchinnikova T. E., Borisova E. G.

Parameter of nearness in the metaphorical space

Zalizniak A. A., Mikaelian I. L.

Rvat’ zuby and myt’ den’gi: one use of simple imperfectives in Russian

Kustova G. I.

Constructions with abstract nouns in an electronic database


Afternoon plenary meeting. Semantics, corpus linguistics



Exploiting Distributional Similarity For Lexical Acquisition

Sharoff Serge, Nivre Joakim

The Proper Place of Men and Machines in Language Technology: Processing Russian Without Any Linguistic Knowledge


Short break

17.30-19.00 / Section 1

Afternoon meeting. Document analysis

Kuznetsov I. P.

Identifying role functions of people on the basis of knowledge structures

Pazelskaya A., Solovyev A.

A method of sentiment analysis in Russian texts

Yagunova E. V., Pivovarova L. M.

A study of the news text structure as a consequence of connected segments

17.30-19.00 / Section 2

Afternoon meeting. Semantics, linguistic ontology

Lukashevich N. Y., Kobozeva I.M.

Character nominations in ontological perspective

Potemkin S., Kedrova G.E.

Exploring semantic orientation of adverbs


Round table of the problems in automated retrieval of linguistic information ("Linguistics without linguists?")

Moderated by Natalya Loukachevitch