Materials of DIALOGUE 2011

9.30-11.00 / Section 1

Morning meeting. Various areas of study

Savchuk S. O.

A corpus-based study of morphological variability: variation in gender forms of Russian nouns


Scramblingin the Slavic Languages

CottaRamusino P.; BenigniV.

Italian constructions with support verb 'fare' in comparison with Russian

9.30-11.00 / Section 2

Morning meeting. Semantics

Mikheev M. Y.

Multiple narrators in Varlam Shalamov’s texts

Kisseleva X.

Antonyms in phraseology: formal similarity as a condition of the semantic oppositeness

Levontina I.

On some non-assertive verbs


Short break


Final meeting. Various areas of Dialogue Conference

Berdicevkis Aleksandrs

E-mail vs. Chat: Influenceof the Communication Channel on the Language

Sokolova E. G., Semenova S. Yu., Kononenko I. S., Zagorulko Yu. А., Krivnova О. F., Zakharov V. P.

Selection and preparation of terms for the Russian-English thesaurus of computational linguistics

Shmeleva E. Ya., Shmelev A. D.

Interlingual puns in Russian jokes




Computational and linguistic picnic