Dialogue Evaluation 2023


Coreference Resolution

The shared task and the paper submission are over. Thank you all for participating!


Key dates

  • 13 January — publication of the train, dev and test datasets;
  • 23 March 23:59 (GMT +3) — public phase deadline;
  • 26 March 23:59 (GMT +3) — private phase deadline, final leaderboard opening;
  • 8 April — paper submission deadline.


Coreference resolution is one of the most difficult and relevant subtasks in the field of natural language processing, important for many applied NLP tasks.

Language expressions referring to the same entity in the world are considered coreferential, for example:

[John] returned home late. [The boy] made excuses for a long time, but in the end he admitted [his] guilt.

Here, the coreference chain is [John] — [the boy] — [his]. Thus, coreference resolution is to make chains of all coreferential references.


We invite participants to solve the problem of coreference resolution for the RuCoCo corpus, consisting of texts from the NewsRU portal.

This coreference resolution competition is the third in the Dialogue Evaluation, but this is the first time a corpus of this size has been used: more than 1 million words just for learning. The RuCoCo corpus was presented at the Dialogue last year.