Dialogue Evaluation 2022

RUSSE-2022 Detoxification

Russian Text Detoxification

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SkoltechNLP lab together with MTS and SberDevices are pleased to announce the launch of RUSSE-2022 Russian Text Detoxification Based on Parallel Corpora – the first compeition on automatic detoxification of Russian texts. Out aim is to deal with offensive texts: a toxic text is the input and it needs to be paraphrased into the non-toxic one in the output.

Key dates:

  • Up to 31 January: the Development phase is open, you may develop your solutions and test them on a dev set.
  • 31 January - 14 February: a test set is going to be published. You will have 2 weeks to test and submit your final solution.
  • Best models chosen by participants will be manually evaluated. Final results with the manual evaluation will be published on our website at 28 February.
  • 25 March 11:59 am (GTM+3): paper submission deadline

Check the website for details.