Conference Paper Guidelines

Please be careful when submitting a paper. It is important to submit anonymous version of paper. If not, it cannot be reviewed.

Please note that the format of the final camera-ready papers submitted to the proceedings has changed. Follow the link below to find new templates in Word or in LaTex (to choose from). These templates are directly used in the layout, which will allow authors to see the article in the form in which it will be published (as is customary at most international conferences). This is the wish of many authors, which also greatly simplifies the layout of the digest and reduces the number of format misunderstandings. As the basis for the templates, we chose the familiar single-column format. 

The proposed templates take into account all the design requirements, so we ask you to use only them. Final versions of papers made not according to the template cannot be accepted.

  • LaTex. Materials are submitted in the format of all sources + PDF + illustrations in separate files. Download the LaTex template.
  • MS Word. Materials are submitted in the source format in Word + PDF made from Word + illustrations in separate files. Download the Word template. The template is designed as a sample, it contains all the typical examples of using certain elements of the paper. For the template to work correctly, you need to use the paragraph and character styles that are embedded in the template itself (they are applied to the text in the template). All the names of such styles begin with the word Dialogue. You can open the Word styles panel by clicking the arrow button on the bookmarks ribbon Home in the Styles section.
  • Illustrations are accepted in PDF, EPS, AI, PNG, TIF formats. If the illustration was created using the Microsoft Office package, you must attach the source for this illustration.
  • Papers can be in both English and Russian.
  • The abstract and all the information on the title page have to be in English and Russian.
  • The length of the text without an abstract and bibliography should not exceed 20,000 characters (including spaces).