Dialogue 2022: Information

We are pleased to announce that the 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Technologies "Dialogue" will be held from June 15 to 18, 2022 in Moscow. The venue and form of the event will be determined later.

The conference is supported by leading Russian universities (MSU, MIPT, RSUH, HSE) and research institutes (IPI, IPPI, VC MSU). The conference is organized by ABBYY. Information support is provided by leading scientific media.

Dialog offers for discussion a wide range of problems and practical tasks of computational linguistics all the way from linguistic research to technological solutions in the final product. Papers in the following areas are invited to the conference:

  • Computer linguistic resources
  • Computer analysis of documents (classification, translation, search, sammarization, generation, analysis of tonality and argumentation, etc.) 
  • Deep learning in computational linguistics (application methods, meaningful linguistic interpretation)
  • Computer Analysis of Social Media
  • Corpus linguistics and corpus geometry (methods of creating, using and evaluating corpora and datasets)
  • Computer semantics (from analytical to distribution models)
  • Linguistic ontologies and automatic knowledge extraction
  • Multimodal approaches to language analysis (at the junction of NLP and Computer Vision)
  • Multi-channel communication (including linguistic analysis of speech)
  • Linguistic communication models and dialog agents
  • Linguistic analysis of the text (morphology, syntax, semantics)
  • Computer lexicography
  • Field computational linguistics (methods of creating and transferring language models for low-resource languages)

The conference program includes plenary sessions, special and poster sessions, round tables, demonstrations of software systems, workshops. The papers accepted for submission based on the results of the review are published in the materials of the conference (RSCI). About 70 papers selected by reviewers are published in the yearbook "Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Technologies" (SCOPUS).

Dialogue Evaluation. As usual, within the framework of the "Dialogue", the results of the tests conducted will be summed up and the conditions for new ones will be discussed. This year it is planned to conduct tests on several tasks, including:

  • RuARG (Argumentation Mining)
  • RuSSE (Russian Text Detoxification)
  • RuATD (Russian Artificial Text Detection)
  • RuNNE (Russian Nested Named Entity Recognition)

More detailed information about the competitions is available on the Dialog website in the Dialogue Evaluation section.

Student session. Traditionally, within the framework of the main directions of the "Dialogue", a student poster session will be held. The accepted papers will be published in a special section on the conference website. The conditions for accepting works for the student session can be viewed on the website here.

On the principles of the selection of reports for the "Dialogue"

"Dialogue" is fundamentally interdisciplinary and focused on communication between linguists and developers of applied linguistic technologies. We ask everyone who plans to participate in the "Dialogue" to take this tradition into account when choosing the topics, content, and form of your speeches.

We ask the authors of the submitted reports to consider when selecting material for the Dialogue that the conference belongs to the field of computational linguistics, even if it is not explicitly indicated in the name of some direction. Papers in which the specifics of the Dialogue are not taken into account in any way cannot be accepted. Our reviewers will pay special attention to the presence in theoretical reports of a clearly formulated and solved constructive task, and in applied research - a verifiable result obtained on adequate language material.

The procedure for submitting papers

Papers are submitted via the CMT Internet system (a link to the system will be available on the website from January 15) and are drawn up strictly according to templates. Templates in Word and LaTex can be found here.

Applications for workshops and round tables

We invite initiative groups wishing to hold their seminars and round tables within the framework of the Dialogue-2022 to submit applications to the Organizing Committee by February 20, 2022. Please note that if the application is approved, its initiators form their own organizing committee, which takes care of the selection of speakers and holding the event at the time agreed with the main Organizing Committee.

Main dates:

Submission of full texts of papers: until 1 March 8 March 20 March 11:59 am (GTM+3)

Submission of papers by the participants of the DE competitions: 25 March 11:59 am (GTM+3)

Distribution of the results of the review: from April 20

Submission of papers for the collection: from May 1

Publication of the conference program: after June 1

The conference will be held from June 15 to 18

Submission of papers for the student session (date to be specified): until May 10

Please note that all relevant information for conference participants, including clarification of dates and deadlines, will be published on the website and in Telegram channel «Dialog-21».

The newsletter will not be used to publish news.

If you have any questions, please contact the conference secretary: secretary@dialog-21.ru.

We will be glad to see you at the conference!