Materials of DIALOGUE 2014

10.00-14.00 / Section 1

Morning session. Analysis of the processes in the Russian language

Moderated by V. Belikov

Mikheev M. Ju.

Dushi Sirenevaja Cvet’... or just a Nonsense (Kakaja-To Khren’)? Nouns without Suffixs in the Texts of Russian Authors

Sitchinava D. V., Kachinskaya I. B.

The Dialectal Subcorpus within the Russian National Corpus: Today and Tomorrow

10.00-13.30 / Section 2

Morning session. Syntax

Moderated by N. Laufer

Iomdin L. L., Iomdin B. L.

Valencies of Russian Predicate Nouns and Microsyntactic Constructions

Leontiev A.P., Petrova M.A.

The Description of Locative Dependencies in a Natural Language Processing Model



Analysis of Internet and Social Media

Braslavski P., Ustalov D., Menshikov I.


Panchenko A.I.

Sentiment Index of the Russian Speaking Facebook*

Muravyev N. A., Panchenko A. I., Obiedkov S. A.

Neologisms on Facebook*

Sorokin A., Katinskaya A., Sharoff S.

Associating Symptoms with Syndromes. Reliable Genre Annotation for a Large Russian Webcorpus

Bonch-Osmolovskaya A. A.

TEI semantic tagging of Leo Tolstoy

Morning session. Syntax

Nedoluzhko A.Yu., Khoroshkina A.S.

“Vchera Nasochinyalsya Voroh Strok”: Productive Circumfixal Intensifying Patterns in Russian

Zimmerling A.V.

Sententional Arguments and Event Structure

Fedorova O. V., Potanina Ju. D.

Working Memory and Russian Language: From Comprehension to Production