Materials of DIALOGUE 2014

10.00-12.00 / Section 1

Morning session. Ontology, knowledge extraction

Moderated by I. Chetviorkin

Lukashevich N.Ju., Kobozeva I.M.

Designing “Human Characters” Lexical Database

Astrakhantsev N.A., Fedorenko D.G., Turdakov D.Y.

Automatic Enrichment of Informal Ontology by Analyzing a Domain-Specifi c Text Collection

Ermakova L.M., Mothe J., Ovchinnikova I.G.

Query Expansion in Information Retrieval: What Can We Learn from a Deep Analysis of Queries?

Starostin A.S., Smurov I.M., Stepanova M.E.

A Production System for Information Extraction Based on Complete Syntactic-Semantic Analysis

10.00-12.00 / Section 2

Morning session. Communication, speech act

Moderated by N. Bogdanova

Pereverzeva S. I., Kreydlin G. E.

Human Body in a Dialog: The Orientation of Somatic Objects in Its Connection with Human Relations

Grishina E. A.

Ring and grappolo: fingertip connections in russian gesticulation and their meanings

Yanko T. E.

Corpus and Instrumental Methods in Analysing Fiction Audio Recordings

Lobanov B. M., Okrut T. I.

Universal Melodic Portraits of Intonation Patterns in Russian Speech

12.20-13.30 / Invited Speaker

Marjorie McShane

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Reference Resolution in English and Russian


Technology Day

RCO. Antonov A., Pleshko V., Polyakov P.

Efficient Method of Search Facts on Large Collections

ABBYY. Anisimovich K., Danielyan T.

Compreno Technologies: from Semantic Analysis Tasks to Business Applications

The Computing Research Center of Moscow State University, “Laboratory of Information Research” LLC. Dobrov B.

Application of Large Linguistic Ontologies for Solving Information-Analytical Tasks



Technology Day

Yandex. Aminov F.

Development of Technologies for Processing Text Information in Yandex

IBM. Semenihin A.

Technologies, Recent Updates & New IBM Offering around Watson

Turdakov D.

Semantic Analysis of Texts using Texterra System

Institute of System Analysis

Exactus Expert – System Intelligent Search and Analysis of Scientific Publications


Round table of Technology Day

Moderated by B. Dobrov