Materials of DIALOGUE 2014

10.00-13.30 / Section 1

Morning session.Reference and automatic analysis

Moderated by S. Toldova

Borisova E. G.

The Discourse Words and Reference in the Process of Understanding

Kamenskaya М.А., Khramoin I.V., Smirnov I.V.

Data-driven Methods for Anaphora Resolution of Russian Texts

Protopopova E.V., Bodrova A.A., Volskaya S.A., Krylova I.V., Chuchunkov A.S., Alexeeva S. V., Bocharov V.V., Granovsky D.V.

Anaphoric Annotation and Corpus-Based Anaphora Resolution: An Experiment

10.00-13.00 / Section 2

Morning session. Linguistic semantics

Moderated by B. Iomdin

Shatunovskiy I. B.

Perlocutionary Speech Actions and Perlocutionary Verbs

Dobrushina N. R.

Modals and the Subjunctive

Kustova G. I.

Constructions with the Conjunction Chtoby: Resources and Correlations



Morning session.Reference and automatic analysis

Moderated by S. Toldova

Ionov M., Kutuzov A.

The Impact of Morphology Processing Quality on Automated Anaphora Resolution for Russian

Bogdanov A.V., Dzhumaev S.S., Skorinkin D.A., Starostin A.S.

Anaphora Analysis based on ABBYY Compreno Linguistic Technologies

Toldova S. Ju. et al.

RU-EVAL-2014: Evaluating Anaphora and Coreference Resolution for Russian

Morning session. Linguistic semantics

Moderated by B. Iomdin

Sеmenova S. Ju.

On the Class of Russian Parametric Adverbs

Bogdanova-Beglarian N. V.

One of the Most Frequent Items in Russian Spontaneous Speech: blin from Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Points of View

15.00-16.00 / Invited Speaker

Hinrich Schutze

Recent Advances in (Deep) Representation Learning


Poster session

Shelmanov A.O., Smirnov I.V.

Methods for Semantic Role Labeling of Russian Texts

Kravchenko A., Pivovarov V., Zharikov A.

Practical Aspects of Long-term Ontology-based Information Extraction

Solovyev A.

Using Latent Semantic Analysis for Simulating of Children’s Cognitive Development

Blinov P.D., Kotelnikov E.V.

Using Distributed Representations for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

Kruzhkov M., Buntman N., Loshchilova E., Sitchinava D., Zalisniak A., Zatsman I.

A Database of Russian Verbal Forms and Their French Translation Equivalents

Kudinov M.S., Romanenko A.A., Piontkovskaja I.I.

Conditional Random Field in Segmentation and Noun Phrase Inclination Tasks for Russian

Muzychka S.A., Romanenko A.A., Piontkovskaja I.I.

Conditional Random Field for Morphological Disambiguation in Russian

Osminin P.G.

A Summarization Model Based on the Combination of Extraction and Abstraction

Strebkov D.Y., Hilal N.R., Redjaimia A., Skatov D.S.

The Experience of Building Industrial-Strength Parser for Arabic

Braslavski P., Ustalov D., Muchin M., Menshikov I.


Pestova A. R.

Government of the Borrowed Neologisms Denoting Objects of Film Industry

Shaikevich A. Y., Savchuk S. O.

Distributional-Statistical Analysis of Regional Press (Newspapers of Grodno Region of Belarus)

Kirjanov D.P., Orehov B.V., Panova T.A.

Yiddish Orthographies Variety and Problems of Automatic Transliteration

Bodrova A.A., Bocharov V.V.

Relationship Extraction from Literary Fiction

Gilyarova K.A.

On the Extent of Reduplication Phenomenon in Modern Russian

Daniel M., Dobrushina N., Waldenfels R. von

Why Standard Orthography? Building the Ustya River Basin Corpus, an Online Corpus of a Russian Dialect


Round table devoted to I. Segalovich

Maslov M. Yu. (Yandex) Ilya Segalovich and Development of Ideas of Computational Linguistics