Materials of DIALOGUE 2012

9.30-11.00 / Section 1

Morning session. Applied research on Dialogue

S. A. Krylov

The general corpus of the modern Mongolian language and its structural-probabilistic model

A. Zimmerling

A unified analysis of clitic clusters in world’s languages

M. Ju. Mikheev

Sholokhov, or Kryukov after all? Nonformal procedures to identify the authorship of "Tikhij Don"

E. G. Sokolova, I. S. Kononenko

Russian-English thesaurus on computational linguistics

10.00-11.00 / Section 2

Morning session. Syntax

R. Zangenfeind

Towards a system of syntactic dependencies of German

S. Savchuk

Variation in gender forms in the group of pluralia tantum in the Russian language

E. Delikishkina, O. Fedorova

The effect of the syntactic role of the antecedent on ambiguous pronoun resolution in Russian




Computational-linguistic picnic