Materials of DIALOGUE 2012

10.00-13.30 / Section 1

Morning session. Parser evaluation

S. Toldova et al.

NLP evaluation 2011-2012: Russian syntactic parsers

K. Anisimovich et al.

Syntactic and semantic parser based on ABBYY Сompreno linguistic technologies

A. A. Antonova, A. V. Misyurev

Russian dependency parser SyntAutom at the DIALOGUE -2012 parser evaluation task

10.00-13.30 / Section 2

Morning session. Lexical semantics

M. V. Kyuseva et al.

Adjectives 'heavy' and 'light' on the typological backgroung

S. Yu. Semenova

On the metaphora and the metonymy of the Russian parametric noun

E. V. Kashkin, T. I. Reznikova, E. K. Pavlova, E. S. Luchina

Verbs describing sounds of inanimate objects: towards a typology



Morning session. Parser evaluation

L. Iomdin, V. Petrochenkov, V. Sizov, L. Tsinman

ETAP Parser: State of the Art

Skatov D. et al

Dictascope syntax: the natural language syntax parser

Kanevsky E., Boyarsky K.

The semantic-and-syntactic parser SEMSIN

Morning session. Lexical semantics

G. I. Kustova

Semantic types and semantic functions of the adjectivized participles

T. V. Krylova

Words with the meaning of "medicinal substance": today and yesterday

E. G. Borisova

Discourse markers used for governing understanding of texts


Poster session. Various areas of Dialogue Conference

M. Mukhin, P. Braslavski

What and how do people ask on community question answering services in Russian?

P. G. Chistikov, E. A. Korolkov

Data-driven speech parameter generation for Russian text-to-speech system

A. R. Valiakhmetova

Government of the borrowed nouns denoting professions in the modern Russian language

G. B. Gurin, A. E. Belikova

A procedure for evaluating degree of conventionality of metaphor expressions: from intuition to operational criteria

E.V. Krasnova, N.S Smirnova

Regional pronunciation preferences for certain Russian and foreign words

R. V. Sharapov, E. V. Sharapova

Research of plagiarism in the student works

Bakker-Khorikova, Vera

Cognitive metaphor: externalization of individual blogger

A. Davydov et al.

Optimal feature selection for speaker's emotional state classification

I. Ostapova

Indexing the etymological lexicographic systems

M. V. Khokhlova

Lexico-syntactic patterns as a tool for extracting lexis of a specialized knowledhe domain

A. S. Malkova

On the structure of a thesaurus of proverbs

Tsibulsky V. et al.

Analysis and classification of time and terms characteristics in Russian legal acts

V. Bocharov et al.

Text segmentation on the Open Corpora project

N. M. Klyueva

Some differences between Czech and Russian: a parallel corpus study

I. Ovchinnikova, L.Ermakova, J. Mothe

Improving readability of automatic news tweet contextualization

A. Kravchenko

Automatic generation of extraction patterns for subjective expressions from untagged text

N. Zanegina

Improvised-temporary-compounds as a new expressive mean in Russian

A. B. Kutuzov, M. A. Kunilovskaya, A.Y. Oschepkov et al.

Russian learner parallel corpus as a tool for translation studies

M. Mihkla, I. Hein, M. Kalvik et al.

Estonian speech synthesis: applications and challenges

Manicheva E. et al.

Development of Chinese language lexical-semantic dictionary for the multi-language NLP system

I. Nekhay

Application of N-grams and other letter- and word-level statistics ti semantic classification of unknown proper nouns


Round table on parser evaluation

Moderated by A. Bonch-Osmolovskaya, O. Lyashevskaya and S. Toldova