Materials of DIALOGUE 2012

10.00-13.30 / Section 1

Morning session. Knowledge acquisition

M. Yu. Zagorulko et al.

System for semantic annotation of domain-specific text corpora

I. P. Kuznetsov, M. M. Sharnin

The methods of discovery of objects and their links presented implicitly in texts

A. N. Solov'ev, A. Ju. Antonova, A. G. Pazel'skaja

Using sentiment-analysis for text information extraction

M. Mukhin, P. Braslavski

What do people ask the community question answering services and how do they do it in Russian?

9.30-13.30 / Section 2

Morning session. Communication models, dialogue, discourse

N. Dobrushina

Subjunctive in complement clauses

E. A. Klygina, G. E. Kreydlin

The database "human body and corporeality in natural language and culture" (structure, ideology and content)

A. Kotov, E. Budyanskaya

The Russian emotional corpus: communication in natural

O. A. Gerassimenko

Functions of feedback items "a", "aga" and "gm" in Russian phone conversations



Morning session. Knowledge acquisition

M. A. Nokel, E. I. Bolshakova, N. V. Loukachevitch

Combining multiple features for single-word term extraction

A. Zhila, A. Gelbukh

Exploring context clustering for term translation

A.-K. Schumann

Towards the automated enrichment of multilingual terminology databases with knowledge-rich contexts

Morning session. Communication models, dialogue, discourse

V. S. Liusina

Oral speech and instant messaging: the impact of the communication channel on dialogue structure

N.A. Osmak

Methods of lexicographic description of Russian spontaneous speech (a corpora research)

E.V. Yagunova

Experiments in the generation of information structure of the text



15.00-16.00 / INVITED SPEAKER

John Carroll

Robust Approaches to Sentiment Analysis

16.00-19.00 / Section 1

Afternoon session. Sentiment Analysis

N. V. Loukachevitch, I. I. Chetviorkin, P. I. Braslavski

Sentiment analysis track at ROMIP 2011

P. Polyakov et al.

Research on applicability of thematic classification methods to the problem of book review classification

A. Pak, P. Paroubek

Language independent approach to sentiment analysis (LIMSI Participation in ROMIP ’11)

D. Kan

Rule-based approach to sentiment analysis at ROMIP 2011

16.00-19.00 / Section 2

Afternoon session. Speech

P. G. Chistikov, A. I. Solomennik

Automatic generation of text corpora for creating voice databases in a Russian text-to-speech system

Yu. S. Hetsevich, S. A. Hetsevich, B. M. Lobanov

Belarusian and Russian linguistic modules processing for the system NooJ as applied to text-to-speech synthesis



Sentiment Analysis

V. Poroshin

Proof of concept statistical sentiment classification at ROMIP 2011

I. I. Chetviorkin

Testing sentiment classification approach in various domains — ROMIP 2011

E. V. Kotelnikov, M. V. Klekovkina

Sentiment analysis of texts based on machine learning methods

V.G. Vasilyev et al.

Sentiment classification by fragment rules


D. O. Dovrovolskiy, I. B. Levontina

Synonymous focus particles in German and Russian

V. Yu. Apresjan

Tut 'here' as a temporal proximity marker

I. M. Kobozeva, N. Iu. Lukashevich

Human characters through the prism of adverbs


Round table on Sentiment Analysis

Moderated by N. Loukachevitch