Proceedings 2011


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The Editorial Board: A.E. Kibrik (Editorial Board Head), V.I. Belikov, I.M. Boguslavsky, B.V. Dobrovolsky, L.M. Zakharov, L.L. Iomdin, I.M. Kobozeva,

 E.B. Kozerenko, M.A. Krongauz, N.I. Laufer, N.V. Lukashevich, J. Nivre, G.S. Osipov, I.V. Segalovich, V.P. Selegey, S.A. Sharoff

Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies: papers from the Annual conference “Dialogue”

(Bekasovo, May 25-29, 2011)



Issue 10 (17) – Moscow, RGGU, 2011.

The Conference Proceedings contain 73 papers from the international conference on Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies “Dialogue 2011”,

representing a large range of theoretical and applied research in the area of natural language description, language process description,

creation of applied computer-linguistic technologies.

For specialists in the field of theoretical and applied linguistics and intellectual technologies.




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