Materials of DIALOGUE 2017

10:00-14:00 / Section 1

Document Analysis

Moderated by M. Kopotev

Zakharov V.P.

Automatic Collocation Extraction: Association Measures Evaluation and Integration

Bolotova V.V., Blinov V.A., Mishchenko K.I., Braslavski P.I.

Which IR model has a Better Sense of Humor? Search over a Large Collection of Jokes

Miftahutdinov Z.Sh., Tutubalina E.V., Tropsha A.E.

Identifying Disease-Related Expressions in Reviews Using Conditional Random Fields

10:00-14:00 / Section 2

Speech Analysis

Moderated by L. Zakharov

Kreydlin G.E.

Typology of Russian Gaits

Fedorova O.V.

The Contribution of the Kinetic Component to the Multimodal Communication, or Tangram Description Strategies Revisited

Litvinenko A.O., Nikolaeva Ju.V., Kibrik A.A.

Annotation of Russian Manual Gestures: Theoretical and Practical Issues



Document Analysis

Moderated by V. Zakharov

Mikhalkova E.V., Karyakin Yu.E.

Detecting Intentional Lexical Ambiguity in English Puns

Trofimov I.V., Suleymanova E.A.

A Syntax-based Distributional Model for Discriminating between Semantic Similarity and Association

Loukachevitch N.V., Shevelev A.S., Mozharova V.A.

Testing Features and Methods in Russian Paraphrasing Task

Zubarev D.V., Sochenkov I.V.

Paraphrased Plagiarism Detection Using Sentence Similarity

Speech Analysis

Moderated by L. Zakharov

Podlesskaya V.I.

“Ja skazhu tebe s poslednej prjamotoj”: Direct and Indirect Speech Viewed through the Prism of Prosodically Annotated Corpus Data

Blinova O.V.

Directive Utterance as an Element of Spoken Dialogue: the Case of Imperative 1Pl

Bergelson M.B., Khudyakova M.V.

Interaction and Empathy as Elements of Narrative Strategies in the Russian Clips Corpus

Bogdanova-Beglarian N.V., Blinova O.V., Martynenko G.Ya., Sherstinova T.Yu.

Some Invariant Features of Russian Everyday Speech: Phonology, Morphology, Syntax



15:20-21:30 / Section 1

Reports and Round Table of the Technology Day

15:20-16:40 / Invited Speaker

Ido Dagan

Open Knowledge Representation for Textual Information



17:00-19:00 / Section 1

Methods for Preparing Test Collections, Conducting and Evaluating for Various NLP Tasks

Moderated by A. Baytin

Smirnov I., Kuznetsova R., Kopotev M., Khazov A., Lyashevskaya O. et al.

Evaluation Tracks on Plagiarism Detection Algorithms for the Russian Language

Malykh V., Burtsev M.

Dialogue Agents and Methods for their Evaluation

Bocharov V.V., Volkova L.L.

Evaluating the Consistency of the Results of Manual Markup of Named Entities

Loukachevitch N.V.

New Tasks of Sentiment Analysis

Rygaev I.P.

Using Winograd Schemas for Evaluation of Implicit Information Extraction Systems

17:00-19:00 / Section 2

Computational Phonetics and Prosody

Moderated by L. Zakharov

Krivnova O.F.

Phonetic Characteristics of Breathing Pauses with Different Text Localization

Yanko T.E.

What is Intonation of Enumeration in Russian?

Knyazev S.V., Utesheva A.S.

Coarticulation of Nasals as a Cue for Detecting Prosodic Breaks and Rule Order in Standard Russian

Lobanov B.M., Zhitko V.A., Kharlamov А.А.

A Computer System of Teaching Intonation Patterns of Russian Speech




Round table of the Technology Day: Analysis of Implicit Information in the Text (intentions, tonality, etc.): Linguistic and Practical Statement of Problems

Moderated by N. Loukachevitch