Materials of DIALOGUE 2017

10:00-14:00 / Section 1

Morphological Analysis. Results of MorphoRuEval

Moderated by O. Lyashevskaya

Sboev A.G., Gudovskikh D.V., Ivanov I., Moloshnikov I.A., Rybka R.B., Voronina I.

Research of a Deep Learning Neural Network Effectiveness for a Morphological Parser of Russian Language

Sorokin A.A., Shavrina T.O., Lyashevskaya O.V., Bocharov V., Alexeeva S., Droganova K., Fenogenova A., Granovsky D.

MorphoRuEval-2017: an Evaluation Track for the Automatic Morphological Analysis Methods for Russian

Anastasyev D.G., Andrianov A.I., Indenbom E.M.

Part-of-speech Tagging with Rich Language Description

10:15-14:00 / Section 2

Contrastive Corpus Research

Moderated by D. Dobrovol'skij

Inkova O.Yu.

Principles of How to Determine the Degree of Language‑specificity of Connectives

Levontina I. B., Denissova G.

Italian ‘magari’ and its Russian Equivalents: Different Discourse Strategies



Morphological Analysis. Results of MorphoRuEval

Moderated by O. Lyashevskaya

Kazennikov A.O.

Part-of-Speech Tagging: The Power of the Linear SVM-based Filtration Method for Russian Language

Kazorin V.I., Karpov I.A., Fenogenova A.S.

Automatic Morphological Analysis on the Material of Russian Social Media Texts

Arefyev N.V., Ermolaev P.A.

MorphoBabushka: Simple and Fast Baselines your Granny would use for Part-Of-Speech Tagging of Russian

Sorokin A.A., Yankovskaya E.V.

Using Context Features for Morphological Analysis of Russian

Contrastive Corpus Research

Moderated by D. Dobrovol'skij

Dobrovol’skij D.O., Levontina I.B.

Discourse Particles and their Translation: ‘ну’ in Vladimir Sorokin’s Novel “The Queue” (ochered’)

Kunilovskaya M.A.

Linguistic Tendencies in English to Russian Translation: the Case of Connectives

Souma Ju.V., Kudashev I.S., Mikhailov M.N.

Negation in Russian and Finnish Versions of the State Treaties between Russia and Finland: a Corpus-based Research

Shmelev A.D., Zalizniak Anna A.

Reverse Translation as a Tool for Analysis of Discourse Words



15:30-16:40 / Invited Speaker

Sergey Sharoff

Deep Learning and Language Adaptation



17:00-19:00 / Section 1

Document Analysis: New Technologies

Moderated by A. Shelmanov

Tarasov D.S., Lukina N.M., Izotova E.D.

Neural Network Based End-to-end Learning Hierarchy-aware Semantic Parser for Russian Language

Mescheryakova E.I., Nesterenko L.V.

Domain-independent Classifi cation of Automatic Speech Recognition Texts

Pisarevskaya D.

Rhetorical Structure Theory as a Feature for Deception Detection in News Reports in the Russian Language

Skorinkin D.A.

Extracting Character Networks to Explore Literary Plot Dynamics

17:00-19:00 / Section 2

Corpus Linguistics

Moderated by I. Boguslavskiy

Zimmerling A.V.

Russian Predicatives in the Perspective of Sociolinguistic Experiment and Corpus Grammar

Apresjan V.Ju., Shmelev A.D.

“Xeno” Markers in the Light of the Data of Parallel Corpora and Contemporary Mass Media: the Case of the Russian Word 'Jakoby'

Baranov A.N., Voznesenskaja M.M.

Russian Idioms of Drunkenness: Corpus-based Analysis

Pozharickaja S.K., Dobrushina E.R.

Orthoepy in an Era of Corpus Linguistics: Some Case Studies in Variation in Standard Russian




Round Table on Corpus Linguistics: "New Corpora, New Opportunities, Old Problems"

Moderated by S. Sharoff