Materials of DIALOGUE 2021

10:00 - 14:00 / Section А

moderated by Kutuzov Andrey

RuShiftEval: A Shared Task On Semantic Shift Detection for Russian

Kutuzov Andrey, Pivovarova Lidia

RuShiftEval: A Shared Task on Semantic Shift Detection for Russian

Rachinskiy Maxim, Arefyev Nikolay

Zero-shot Cross-lingual Transfer of a Gloss Language Model for Semantic Change Detection

Arefyev Nikolay, Bykov Dmitrii

An Interpretable Approach to Lexical Semantic Change Detection with Lexical Substitution

Ryzhova Anastasiia, Ryzhova Daria, Sochenkov Ilya

Detection of Semantic Changes in Russian Nouns with Distributional Models and Grammatical Features

Arefyev Nikolay, Fedoseev Maksim, Protasov Vitaly

DeepMistake: Which Senses are Hard to Distinguish for a Word-in-Context Model

Priban Pavel, Pražák Ondřej, Taylor Stephen

UWB@RuShiftEval Measuring Semantic Difference asper-word Variation in Aligned Semantic Spaces

Hengchen Simon, Viloria Kate, Indukaev Andrey

SBX-HY at RuShiftEval 2021: Доверяй, но проверяй

10:00 - 14:00 / Section В

moderated by Kobozeva Irina

Linguistic Semantics, Discourse

Gorbova Elena

Imperfectivability Of Russian Prefixal Perfectives in The Dictionary, Corpus and Runet

Iomdin Leonid, Boguslavsky Igor

Semantic features and valency properties of the Russian verb podoždat’ ‘wait’

Shmelev Alexei

The Russian Particle ZHE in the Light of Parallel Corpora

Levontina Irina

The semantic component ‘scale’ in the meaning of a discourse particle uzh

Zalizniak Anna

Russian Discourse Markers Vidimo and Po-Vidimomu (‘Apparently’): Synchronic and Diachronical Semantics

Badryzlova Yulia, Koziuk Evgenia

‘No way!’ Discourse formulas of disagreement in Russian and English: a comparative study

Inkova Olga, Nuriev Vitaly

Divergent Translation of Connectives in Human and Machine Translations

14:00 - 15:30 / Break

15:30 - 19:00 / Section А

moderated by Smurov Ivan

RuSimpleSentEval-2021 Shared Task: Evaluating Sentence Simplification for Russian

Artemova Ekaterina, Sakhovskiy Andrey, Izhevskaya Alexandra, Pestova Alena

RuSimpleSentEval-2021 Shared Task: Evaluating Sentence Simplification for Russian

Fenogenova Alena

Text Simplification with Autoregressive Models

Orzhenovskii Mikhail

Rusimscore: Unsupervised Scoring Function for Russian Sentence Simplification Quality

Leushina Marina, Ivanov Vladimir, Galeev Farit

ruBTS: Russian Sentence Simplification Using Back-translation

Shatilov Aleksandr, Rey Alexey

Sentence simplification with ruGPT3

Komleva Evgenia, Anastasyev Daniil

Sentence Simplification for Russian using Transfer Learning

15:30 - 19:00 / Section В

moderated by Levontina Irina

Formal Models in Linguistics

Letuchiy Alexander, Nikishina Elena

Animacy in the use of anaphoric and demonstrative pronouns in Russian and French

Stenger Irina, Avgustinova Tania

On Slavic Cognate Recognition in Context

Trubochkin Alexander, Golubkova Ekaterina

A Corpus-Based Model of the English Phrasal Verb Construction: Attraction

Toldova Svetlana, Slioussar Natalia, Bazhukov Maksim, Chubarova Lubov

The Order of Objects in Russian: A Corpus Study

Magomedova Varvara, Slioussar Natalia

Gender and Case in Russian Nouns Denoting Professions and Social Roles

Chuikova Oksana

On (Non-)Compatibility of Genitive Partitive and Imperfective in Russian: A Corpus Study

19:00 - 19:30 / Break

19:30 - 21:30 / Round table

moderated by Paolo Rosso

What Helps and What Limits the Use of Natural Language Processing in Psychology and Social Science

Participants: Kolcova Olesya, Panicheva Polina, Litvinova Tatiana, Mararitsa Larissa, Loukachevitch Natalia, Sharoff Sergey