Materials of DIALOGUE 2016




Computational semantics and lexicography

Moderated by S. Sharoff

Loukachevitch N. V., Lashevich G., Gerasimova A. A., Ivanov V. V., Dobrov B. V.

Creating Russian WordNet by Conversion

Iomdin B. L., Lopukhin K. A., Lopukhina А. А., Nosyrev G. V.

Word Sense Frequency of Similar Polysemous Words in Different Languages



Computational semantics and lexicography

Antonova A., Kobernik T., Misyurev A.

The Impact of Different Data Sources on Finding and Ranking Synonyms for a Large-Scale Vocabulary

13:00-14:00 / Invited Speaker

Mark Steedman

A Theory of Content for NLP



15:30-16:40 / Invited Speaker

Bonnie Webber

Concurrent Discourse Relations



17:00-19:00 / Section 1

Discourse analysis. Reference

Moderated by V. Podlesskaya

Galitsky B. A., Ilvovsky D. A., Chernyak E. L., Kuznetsov S. O.

Style and Genre Classification by Means of Deep Textual Parsing

Toldova S. Yu., Bergelson M. B., Khudyakova M. V.

Coreference in Russian Oral Movie Retellings (the Experience of Coreference Relations Annotation in “Russian CliPS ” corpus)

Koslowa O., Kutuzov A.

Improving Distributional Semantic Models Using Anaphora Resolution during Linguistic Preprocessing

Nedoluzhko A., Lapshinova-Koltunski E.

Contrasting Coreference in Czech and German: from Different Frameworks to Joint Results

17:00-19:00 / Section 2

Corpora in linguistic studies

Moderated by A. Piperski

Lukashevich N. Y., Klyshinsky E. S., Kobozeva I. M.

Lexical Research in Russian: are Modern Corpora Flexible Enough?

Khokhlova M. V.

Large Corpora and Frequency Nouns

Benko V., Zakharov V. P.

Very Large Russian Corpora: New Opportunities and New Challenges

Belikov V. I.

Russian Google Books n-grams




Round table: Opening of "Dialogue" and Welcome Party