Dialogue Evaluation 2018

Word Sense Disambiguation

We invite you to participate in the shared task on Word Sense Induction and Disambiguation for the Russian Language.

Word Sense Induction (WSI) is the process of automatic identification of the word senses. While evaluation of various sense induction and disambiguation approaches was performed in the past for the Western European languages, e.g. English, French, and German, no systematic evaluation of WSI for Slavic languages (http://sigslav.cs.helsinki.fi) is available at the moment. This shared task makes a first step towards bridging this gap by setting up a shared task on one Slavic language: The goal of this task is to compare sense induction and disambiguation systems for the Russian language. Slavic languages still do not have broad coverage lexical resources available in English, such as WordNet, which provide a comprehensive inventory of senses. Therefore, word sense induction methods investigated in this shared task can be of great value to enable semantic processing of Slavic languages.

If you are interested in participation, please register using this form by the 15th of November: https://goo.gl/forms/fnTNOwk4PrsZySX82

The full description of the shared task is available at http://russe.nlpub.org/2018/wsi/ as well as in the First Information Letter below. 

First Information Letter