on Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies
June 1–4, 2016
Moscow, RSUH

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“Dialogue” is a major international conference on computational linguistics and intellectual technologies in Russia. This event is the world’s leading forum on problems and methods of computational analysis of the Russian language.  

The conference gives an idea of the Russian level of computational linguistics and determines the vector of its development.

Today, “Dialogue” is the main meeting point for leading Russian linguists, engineers, and experts in the automatic processing of language and business.

Papers are accepted for presentation at the conference having completed a rigorous professional review and are published in the Conference Proceedings “Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies”.

Central topics of “Dialogue 2016”

The use of discourse models in NLP

More and more developers are seeking to increase the effectiveness of their technologies by broadening the scope of analysis beyond individual sentences. This applies to classification, statistics-based machine translation, and entity identification and inference.

Topics of the Dialogue Evaluation competitions

As in previous years, winners will be announced from the latest cycle of tests of text analysis technologies in several categories: Sentiment Analysis, Named Entity Recognition and Fact Extraction, and Spelling Correction.

Invited speakers

Alessandro Moschitti

Alessandro Moschitti


Qatar Computing Research Institute, Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Mark Steedman

Mark Steedman

United Kingdom

University of Edinburgh

Bonnie Webber

Bonnie Webber

United Kingdom

University of Edinburgh

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Научная Россия
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Наука 2.0
Russian State University for the Humanities
Building 6, auditoriums 227 and 374
Alexandra Belkina

Alexandra Belkina

Secretary of the Dialogue Conference Organizing Committee


Anastasiya Atyasova

Anastasiya Atyasova

Coordinator of the Dialogue Conference Organizing Committee