For Authors

Dear authors,

The organizers trust the authors and draw up the program on the assumption that all the accepted papers will be presented at the conference.

Please note that you must complete the participation form to take part in the conference and have your paper published in the Proceedings.

Presentation slides of authors who provide papers in English should also be in English. The report itself may be presented verbally at the round table either in Russian or in English.

Please arrive prior to the start of your session, so that our technicians can check presentation playback.

Poster session

Poster sessions have been consistently voted by Dialogue attendees as one of the most interesting and dynamic events at the conference.

A Dialogue poster session consists of two parts:

  1. Brief preliminary presentation of the paper
  2. Subsequent free discussion in the poster session area of the conference

For the participants of the poster session we place a brief instruction and explanation of its format.