Materials of DIALOGUE 2015

10.00-14.00 / Section 1

Classification and document analysis

Moderated by V. Zakharov, E. Kozerenko

Voronov S. O., Vorontsov K. V.

Automatic Filtering of Russian Scientific Content Using Machine Learning and Topic Modeling

Galitsky B. A.

Document vs. Meta-Document: are Their Rhetoric Structures Different?

Lagutin M. B., Katinskaya A., Selegey V., Sharoff S., Sorokin A.

Automatic Classification of Web Texts Using Functional Text Dimensions

10.00-14.30 / Section 2


Moderated by O. Fedorova

Fedorova O. V.

Language as is: Russian Multimodal Discourseмультимодальный дискурс

Kibrik A. A.

The Problem of Non-Discreteness and Spoken Discourse Structure

Podlesskaya V. I.

“I ne drug, i ne vrag, a tak…”: Distribution and Prosody of Discourse Markers that Signal Irrelevance (Evidence from the Multimodal Subcorpus of the Russian National Corpus)



Classification and document analysis

Moderated by V. Zakharov, E. Kozerenko

Ustalov D. A.

Russian Thesauri as Linked Open Data

Kiselev Y., Krizhanovsky A., Braslavski P., Menshikov I., Mukhin M., Krizhanovskaya N.

Russian Lexicographic Landscape: a Tale of 12 Dictionaries

Piperski A. Ch.

To Be or not to Be: Corpora as Indicators of (Non-)Existence

Zakharov V. P.

Set Phrases: a View through Corpora


Moderated by O. Fedorova

Nikolaeva Y. V., Fedorova O. V., Kibrik A. A.

Discourse Structure: a Perspective from Multimodal Linguistics

Kotov A. A., Zinina A. A.

Functional Analysis of Non‑Verbal Communicative Behavior

Korotaev N. A.

Elementary Discourse Units in Spoken Monologues: Evidence from Communicative Prosody

Kreydlin G. E., Khesed L. A.

Human Body in an Oral Dialog: the Corporal Feature “Size of the Somatic Object”

Grishina E. A.

Quantifiers, Gesticulation, and Viewpoint



15.30-16.30 / Invited Speaker

Alan Cienki

Gesture, Lexis, and Grammar


Poster session

Moderated by V. Selegey

New and continued corpora projects

Zevakhina N.A., Dzhakupova S.S.

Corpus оf Russian Student Texts: Design And Prospects

Slioussar N. A., Samoilova M. V.

Frequencies of Different Grammatical Features and Inflectional Affixes in Russian Nouns

Alexeeva S. V., Slioussar N. A., Chernova D. A.

StimulStat: A Lexical Database for Linguistic and Psychological Research on Russian Language

Bogdanova-Beglarian N. V., Sherstinova T. Y., Blinova O. V., Baeva E. M., Ermolova O. B., Ryko A. I.

Speech Corpus of Russian Everyday Communication as a Resource for Sociolinguistic Studies Speech technologies

Shirokova A. M., Glavatskih I. A., Platonova T. S., Rogozhina V. S., Smolina A. A., Kotov M. A.

Software Tools for Speech Corpora Creating

Kipyatkova I. S., Karpov A. A.

Development of Factored Language Models for Automatic Russian Speech Recognition

Automatic classification and document analysis. Text generation

Muzychka S., Piontkovskaya I.

Graph-Based Approach in the Dependency Parsing Task for Russian Language

Sorokin A.

Automatic Regional Classification Using a Dictionar y of Regional Lexics: a Preliminary Study

Chernyak E.L., Dubov M.S., Mirkin B.G., Shishkova A.S.

Reference Graph As A Tool For Text Visualisation

Anna Atiagina, Yulia Ledeneva, R. A. G.Hernandez, O.Issers, J.L.T. Fabela

Extraction of Maximal Frequent Sequences for Identification of Situation Model in Twitter

Klimenchenko L.V., Piskunov V.I.

Building Natural Language Generation System in Russian: Primary Realization

Vekshin G. V., Khomyakova E. V.

Technology of the Text Creating Multimedia Presentation (Videotext Project)

Skorinkin D.

Wardrobe And Peas: Understanding Leo Tolstoy with ABBYY COMPRENO

Computational morphology and lexicography

Shavrina T. O., Sorokin A. A.

Modeling Advanced Lemmatization for Russian Language Using TNT‑Russian Morphological Parser

Kuzmenko E. A., Mustakimova E. G.

Automatic Disambiguation in the Corpora of Modern Greek and Yiddish

Arkhangelskiy T., Idrisov R., Serdobolskaya N., Usacheva M.

Designing a Lexicographic Database for an Online Dictionary

Sharoff S., Belikov V. I., Kopylov N., Sorokin A., Shavrina T.

Corpus with Automaticly Resolved Morphological Ambiguity: to the Methodology of Linguistic Research


Kolmogorova A. V.

‘Skaji’ as Discourse Marker of Reported Unsaid Speech in Russian

Semenova S. Yu.

Measure as the Quantitative and Non-Quantitative Parameter

Degteva A. V.

A Study of Some Aspects of the Sentiment Component Structure in Human to Chat Bot Interaction (Based on conversations with Sobesednitsa 2.0 app)