Materials of DIALOGUE 2015






Computational semantics

Moderated by N. Sumbatova

Boguslavsky I., Dikonov V., Iomdin L., Lazursky A., Sizov V., Timoshenko S.

Semantic Analysis and Question Answering: a System Under Development

Lyashevskaya O., Kashkin E.

Inducing Verb Classes from Frames in Russian: Morpho-Syntax and Semantic Roles



15.00-18.30 / Section 1

Linguistic Data Acquisition

Moderated by L. Iomdin

Goncharova M. B., Kozlova E. A., Pasyukov A. V., Garashchuk R. V., Selegey V. P.

Model-Based WSA as Means of New Language Integration into a Multilingual Lexical-Semantic Database with Interlingua

Protopopova E., Antonova A., Misyurev A.

Acquiring Relevant Context Examples for a Translation Dictionary

Berdičevskis A., Eckhoff H.

Automatic Identification of Shared Arguments in Verbal Coordinations

15.00-19.00 / Section 2

Lexical semantics

Moderated by I. Kobozeva

Paducheva E. V.

Verbs Byt’ and Byvat’: Contemporary State and History

Uryson E. V.

Conjunctions I ‘And’ vs. No/A ‘But’ Between Two Coordinate Clauses (Refinement of The Terms “Expect ati on” and “Norm”)

Krylova T. V.

Particles ‘VОТ ’ and ‘VОN ’: the Mechanisms of Secondary Meanings Formation on the Basis of Deictic Values



Linguistic Data Acquisition

Moderated by L. Iomdin

Malafeev A. Yu.

Exercise Maker: Automatic Language Exercise Generation

Grozin V. A., Dobrenko N. V., Gusarova N. F., Ning Tao

The Application of Machine Learning Methods for Analysis of Text Forums for Creating Learning Objects

Lexical semantics

Moderated by I. Kobozeva

Apresjan V. Ju.

Correlation between Semantic and Communicative Properties of Words

Iomdin B. L.

Nuts: What are They?

Kustova G. I.

Abstract Lexemes’ Valencies: Reduction vs. Specification




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