Information 2020

Please be informed that Dialogue 2020, the 26th international conference on computational linguistics, will take place on June 3-June 6, 2020, in Moscow.

Dialogue is the largest forum on computational analysis of natural language and speech communication at all stages, from research of language data to technology solution, in Russia.  

We invite papers that address the following areas:

  • Digital linguistic resources
  • Computational analysis of documents: classification, translation and interpretation, search, summarization, generation, sentiment analysis and related areas
  • Deep learning in NLP (new methods, informative interpretation)
  • Language and computer vision (new subject area!)
  • Computational analysis of Social Media
  • Corpus linguistics and corpusometry (creation, use and evaluation of the corpora)
  • Linguistic analysis of text (morphology, syntax, semantics)
  • Knowledge representation and extraction
  • Multimodal communication
  • Models of communication and dialog agents

The conference consists of plenary meetings, special and poster sessions, round-table discussions, reports of the invited leading scientist, practical demonstrations of software, conducting of shared tasks (Dialogue Evaluation) and student session.

The review process is double-blind. Papers accepted by reviewers for presentation at the conference will be published in the conference proceedings, which will be available on the Dialogue website. Reviewers and the Editorial Board will select about 70 of the best papers for inclusion in Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Technologies, a SCOPUS-reviewed publication.

The working languages of Dialogue are Russian and English. Papers are to be submitted in English (except for papers on the linguistic analysis of Russian) and to be presented in English or in Russian depending on the theme of the report and the audience.

Important dates

Papers to be submitted for review by February 16

Reports of DE participants to be presented after publication of testing results, no later than March 18

Reviewers’ opinion to be communicated to authors between April 5 and April 25

Final versions to be submitted for publication between April 15 and May 10

Complete program will be available after May 15

Student papers to be submitted for review by April 25

Dialogue 2020 starts on June 3 and ends on June 6

Detailed information about the current competitions is available on the Dialogue Evaluation page.

Should you have any questions about the conference, please write to the secretary at

We hope to see you at the conference!